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Sunrise Pet Parlor offers top-of-the-line pet grooming services, including nail trimming, bathing, deshedding, and full-service grooming. With each bath or groom service, your pet will also receive ear cleaning, nail clipping/grinding, and sanitary trim included in the price.  

Bath and Grooming services vary by size, condition, breed, age, and behavior of every pet.  We require a consultation at the time of your first appointment to discuss price and tailor your pet's experience. 


VIPs get 10% off by coming every 4 weeks!

Dog getting it's nails clipped

Nail Clipping & Grinding

We will clip and grind your pets nails to keep them short & smooth, reduce noisy tap-dancing, and improve traction



Nail polish +$10

Nail caps (cats) +$15-$20

More a la carte services available on request

Dog and Cat Bath

Cat & Dog Baths

We use premium shampoos and conditioners with gentle drying methods to perfectly suit your fur baby

Cats $55-$65+

Sm Dog (<25lbs) $25-$35+

Md Dog (26-35lbs) $35-$45+

Lg Dog (36-50lbs) $45-$55+

XL Dog (51-65lbs) $55-$65+

XXL Dog (66-80lbs+) $65-$85+

Add Deshedding Treatment for +$10-$20

(includes shed-control shampoo & conditioner, with full brush/blow out)

Add CBD treatment for +$15 

(includes CBD shampoo, calming CBD treat, and extra chill vibes)

Add flea bath for +$15-$25

$10 charge for Capstar flea pill may be required, depending on condition

Dog and Cat Groomer

Cat & Dog Grooming

Custom bath, fluff, cut, and styling services for your pet to look and feel their very best

Cat (waterless bath) $75-$85+

Cat (w/ water bath) $85-90+

Sm dog (<25lbs) $65-85+

Md Dog (26-35lbs) $75-95+

Lg Dog (36-50lbs) $80-$100+

XL Dog (51-65lbs) $85-$105+

XXL (66lbs and up) $90-$120+

Bichon/Min Poodle $70-$90+

Doodles/Std. Poodles $120-$150+ 

(includes blowout, brushing, and hand-scissoring)

Huskies/Germ Shep/Golden Ret $100-$140+

(includes deshedding treatment, blowout, brushout, and breed trim)

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