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Why we think choosing us over a monthly subscription bath place is an easy choice.
* We don't keep your CC information and force charge you monthly
* We are run by pet people and have experienced groomers
* They charge extra for all grooming services
* If you come to us once a month and get our VIP discount, we are less on baths anyway.

Below is an article from someone that agrees.


The Value of Experience: Why Choosing an Experienced Neighborhood Grooming Shop Trumps Membership-Based Bath Clubs. By Edward Dons

In the world of pet grooming, the choices can often seem overwhelming. From membership-based bath clubs promising convenience to experienced neighborhood grooming shops, pet owners are faced with decisions that can significantly impact their furry friends' well-being. While membership clubs may offer certain perks, there are undeniable benefits to opting for an experienced neighborhood grooming shop without the confines of a membership club. Let's delve into why experience matters and why it's worth prioritizing over convenience in the grooming realm.

-Quality of Service

One of the most compelling reasons to choose an experienced neighborhood grooming shop is the quality of service. Groomers at these establishments often have years of experience working with various breeds, temperaments, and grooming needs. This level of expertise translates into a superior grooming experience for your pet. Experienced groomers know how to handle pets gently, recognize signs of stress or discomfort, and tailor their approach to suit each animal's unique requirements.

On the other hand, membership-based bath clubs may prioritize volume and efficiency over personalized care. Groomers in these settings may lack the depth of experience necessary to handle more complex grooming tasks or address specific concerns effectively. This can result in subpar grooming outcomes and potential stress or discomfort for your pet.

-Individualized Attention

Another advantage of choosing an experienced neighborhood grooming shop is the individualized attention your pet receives. These establishments typically have a lower client-to-groomer ratio, allowing for more one-on-one interaction and personalized care. Groomers can take the time to understand your pet's preferences, coat condition, and any special requirements, ensuring a grooming experience that is tailored to your pet's needs.

In contrast, membership-based bath clubs often operate on a more streamlined, assembly-line approach. Pets may be processed quickly to accommodate a high volume of appointments, leading to a lack of personalized attention and potentially overlooking important details that can impact your pet's comfort and well-being during grooming.

-Safety and Comfort

Safety and comfort should always be top priorities when choosing a grooming facility for your pet. Experienced neighborhood grooming shops prioritize safety protocols, such as proper handling techniques, sanitary practices, and monitoring for any signs of distress or health issues during grooming sessions. Groomers with extensive experience are adept at handling unexpected situations and ensuring a safe environment for pets under their care.

In contrast, membership-based bath clubs may cut corners on safety measures due to the pressure to maximize efficiency and turnover. Groomers with limited experience may not be as equipped to handle emergencies or ensure a stress-free experience for pets, potentially putting their well-being at risk.

-Long-Term Relationships

Building a long-term relationship with a trusted groomer can offer invaluable benefits for both you and your pet. Experienced neighborhood grooming shops often foster strong connections with their clients, getting to know each pet's grooming history, preferences, and any evolving needs over time. This continuity of care allows groomers to provide consistent and tailored grooming services that promote your pet's health and happiness.

In contrast, the transient nature of membership-based bath clubs, where groomers may rotate frequently, can hinder the development of meaningful relationships. Pets may encounter different groomers with varying levels of experience during each visit, leading to inconsistency and potential disruptions in the grooming process.


While membership-based bath clubs may offer convenience and certain amenities, the advantages of choosing an experienced neighborhood grooming shop without the constraints of a membership club are clear. From superior service quality and individualized attention to enhanced safety measures and long-term relationships, the benefits of entrusting your pet to experienced groomers cannot be overstated. When it comes to your pet's grooming experience, prioritizing expertise and personalized care is always worth it in the long run.

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