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Program Full / Next Admission Early 2024

Dog on Leash

Love Dogs, Make Money!

If you are serious about becoming a groomer then an apprenticeship at Sunrise Pet Parlor is for you.  Our upscale large grooming salon offers you part time work as you simultaneously train for your future!

About the Program

Once accepted to the program you will be working alongside and training with the owners of the store and learn grooming techniques that focus on quality and animal care.  There are several styles of grooming shops.  From the assembly-line shave-down shops, where you do 10 dogs a day for only $200 in sales; to the big retail stores that might pay for your training, but then have you locked into their stores where your focus is on upselling and volume and quality is rarely mentioned.  We are neither: we focus on dog care and quality breed-specific grooms.  You will learn to treat every dog like a show dog, and we have found that quality like that is rare but rewarded with higher pay and better customers.  

Some people will learn slightly faster and some slightly slower, but the program is designed to take you from brand new to working for commission and taking basic grooming appointments in six months.  In those six months you will spend five days a week at the shop.  Three of those days you will be working as a receptionist/bather for $12.00/hour.  You will get the shop ready for the day, answer the phone, book appointments, and help the groomers with bathing and drying.  You will also be responsible for doing the end of the night checklist and closing cleaning.  You will learn how the shop works and even these paid days will be important to your learning.  The other two days you will be in school.  Working one-on-one with our owner Molly who will bring you along at your pace of learning.  On these days you will not be responsible for any of the day-to-day operations, but will be watching training videos, reading educational material and most importantly hands-on learning.  Once you have been cleared to perform services solo for clients you will have the opportunity to book appointments on your "school days" to earn money on those days as well.  Do not expect this to happen in the first three months.  Our groomers should expect to earn $35,000 to $50,000 annually working five days a week, 50 weeks a year.  With hard work, you can expect to find yourself in that range by Year Two.

This job is fun, but it is hard work.  You spend a lot of time with dogs and a little bit with people and if that sounds good to you, we would love to talk to you about a new career.  Please click the button below to fill out an application form.

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